BPO Interview Tips

Q. Have you worked in a collections process earlier?

A. Yes or No, depending on your work experience.

Q. If yes, what were your targets?

A. Always mention the exact targets in numbers and how much you were achieving. So for eg your target was 100$ and you were achieving 90$ then it clearly means you were not achieving your targets. Always say that you were achieving 100$ or sometimes even more.

Q. Explain the different buckets of collections?

A. 0-30 days is 1st Bucket. 30-180 days is 2nd Bucket.
180 and above is 3rd Bucket.

Q. How comfortable were you achieving your targets?

A. I am a target oriented person and I am very much comfortable achieving my targets.

Q. What is 3rd bucket collection and how will you collect money from those customers.

A. 3rd Bucket Collection is when the customer hasn't paid the Bills even after 180 days of the due date. I would advise the customer that if he doesn't have money to pay he can pay in Emi's. Also I would remind him that if he doesn't pay the money he will be blacklisted in the credit history and he will not get future loans from other banks as well.

Q. What is 1st bucket collection and how will you collect money from those customers?

A. 1st Bucket Collections is where the due date has just passed by (within 30 days) which means that usually the customer has forgotten about it or he did not have time to pay the bill. In the later scenario I would ask the customer if I could send a representative to collect the money.

Q. Are you comfortable working under pressure?

A. Yes, certainly I am comfortable working under pressure, in fact pressure takes out the best from me.

Q. If given a choice of customer service or collections what would you prefer?

A. Collections Process. Remember the interviewer tries to cross-check if you are actually interested for a target oriented process like Collections. Do not fall in his trap by answering Customer Service.

Q. In a collections process, the agent needs to be soft spoke, assertive or aggressive?

A. Assertive while talking to the customer but aggressive in achieving the targets.

Q. Tips to Crack the Mock Call

A. Be very assertive and confident during the mock call.

Be patient and listen to the customer.
Understand the reason of delay in payment.

Give the customer options of payments. EMI's, Family members or friends paying on his behalf.

Try to negotiate with the customer.
Handle the objection of the customer by probing him again and provide a suitable rebuttal.

Do not give up on the mock call.