BPO Interview Tips

Q. I don't have a relieving letter from my past employer?

A. Many BPO's do not require a relieving letter.However, if you have bagged a job in a BPO where relieving letter is compulsory then you can pay the basic amount of your salary to your previous employer and get the relieving letter even if you have not served the notice period. Remember according to labour laws of India, Philippines and a lot of countries an employer is bound to give you the relieving letter if you have paid the basic amount of your salary. For eg your salary is 20000 Pesos and your basic amount is 5000 Pesos then you have to pay 5000 pesos to get your relieving letter. This is on assumption that your notice period is 1 month.

Q. I don't have a resignation acceptance from my past employer?

A. You can send an official resignation e-mail to you boss and the H.R of your past employer and forward the same mail to your new prospective employer. Many BPO's accept this as a valid proof of resignation.

Q. I don't have salary slips of my previous/current employer.

A. You can then provide a bank statement wherein your amount was credited in your account by your previous/current employer.

Q. I don't have bank statement also to prove my salary amount being credited by my previous employer.

A. In such a case, get a letter from your previous employer on the official letterhead by your past employer mentioning the amount of salary that you used to draw while you were with them. It should also mention the exact bifurcation between your fixed and variable components. The letter also has to mention your last day of working with them.

Q. I stay in a rented apartment. What address proof I need to give in such a situation?

A. Get the copy of agreement between you and the landlord which should act as a valid address proof. If you get a letter from the society/colony on their letterhead it will help your prospective employer to roll out the offer letter.