BPO Interview Tips

Q. How did you tackle the vendor who did not want to source for your company and diverted numbers to your competitors?

A. I would make the vendor understand that we have hiring plan freezed for next 12 months and he can expect business on a continuous basis. If the vendor is not working because he finds our rates less attractive then I would speak to the management to bring it in lines with competition if there is a scope for the same.

Q. What were your targets in the last organization and how much did you achieve on a month to month basis?

A. Always mention your targets in exact number range for eg 90-100 joinees on a month to month basis and you should say that you were achieving your targets and at the times over achieving them.

Q. How will you handle Select Not Offered (SNO's) / Dropouts and what steps you will take to minimise it?

A. I will ensure that right sourcing has been done and over commitments are not given to the candidates which increases dropout ratio. To Reduce SNO's I will ensure that candidate has all the necessary documents before taking his innterview. After he gets selected, I will try to ensure that he collects offer within 24 hours.

Q. How did you decide salary of your prospective employee?

A. Mention the exact salary bands and what was the matrix to calculate it. Your organisation may decide salary based on the last salary or based on the experience or a combination of both. Mention that in details which shows the interviewer about your knowledge of the same.