BPO Interview Tips

Q. What made you choose to apply for Quality Executive position?

A. Since Childhood, I had the pursuit to do things in a systematic way and QA position ensured that I follow this passion and make others follow the same for the growth of the organization.

Q. How to do each Quality Executive Position/Task?

A. Here you have to mention your key tasks of maintaing quality scores and procedures completely with a detailed explanation.

Q. What are the top skills of Quality Executive?

A. You have to be systematic and aim for perfection to be a Quality Executive. You should also have good analytical skills to understand variances at various levels and come out with logical reasoning to improve it.

Q. What is the most recent skills that you learnt from your post of Quality Executive?

A. Mention how working in quality team has improved your analytical and reasoning skills. Also talk about various new things that you may have learnt in your quality team.

Q. How did you ensure that quality scores in your team remained at the highest level?

A. We do a detailed meeting with the teams every fortnight/week and compare the quality scores between different teams. The best team is given a certificate and they are called to mentor other teams to achieve the same quality score.