BPO Interview Tips

Q. How many people were reporting to you?

A. Mention the exact number of direct as well as indirect reportees.

Q. What were your hiring budgets and how did you ensure you got the required joinees?

A. Mention the exact hiring budget and steps taken by you to ensure you completed your monthly/weekly targets within the budgets.

Q. What was your Cost Per Hire (CPH)?

A. A low cost per hire indicates your ability of completing your targets within a low cost. Mention initiatives like employee referrals and direct calling team to reduce your CPH.

Q. What initiatives you took to ensure that vendors continue to remain your loyal partners in hiring?

A. We ensured that even during lean hirings we gave some business to our top vendors to keep them occupied. Mention initiatives like Vendor Training programs and Rewards n Recognitions program for the vendors which ensures competition.

Q. Mention the contribution of various channels in recruitment targets over a 3 month period?

A. Here you should be able to segregate the contribution of various channels like Direct Hiring, Walk-ins, Employee Referral, Vendor Contribution, etc in percentages. A low Vendor Contribution percentage(%) shows your ability to keep costs low in hiring.

Q. What steps you took to reduce attrition or dropouts in your current organization?

A. Mention initiatives like pre-screening of documents and training gives to your team so that they give proper expectation setting to the candidate. To reduce attrition mention how your analysis on attrition trends helped you take a decision to reduce a class of candidates. For eg you may say you stopped hiring candidates with just 10th pass because trends showed higher attrition.