BPO Interview Tips

Q. Have you worked in a retentions process earlier?

A. Yes or No, depending on your work experience.

Q. If yes, what were your targets?

A. If you have worked in retentions process clearly mention your targets in numbers.So for eg your target was 90% retention then always mention that you were achieving that target and at times over achieving it.

Q. How comfortable were you achieving your targets?

A. I am a target oriented person and I am very much comfortable achieving my targets.

Q. How will you retain an irated customer?

A. I will apologise to the customer first for the inconvenience caused and understand his pain areas. I would then devise a creative scheme tailor made for him so that I can retain him. If my organisation permits, I will also offer free Services to him as a kind gesture from us.

Q. The customer says "I am leaving your services because your competitor is offering a better deal".

A. This is a tricky situation...If there is an option where you can match up with the competitors offer then the customer might be retained. However, in situations where your organization cannot match up with the competitor then convince the customer on your organization's Brand Name, Quality of services, Certifications and other Achievements.

Q. Are you comfortable working under pressure? As there would be pressure of achieving your targets.

A. Yes, certainly I am comfortable working under pressure, in fact pressure takes out the best from me.

Q. If given a choice of customer service or retentions what would you prefer?

A. Retentions Process. Remember through this question the interviewer is trying to cross check if you are actually a retentions guy. Do not fall in his Trap by answering customer service.

Q. In a retentions process, the agent needs to be soft spoke, assertive or aggressive?

A. Usually assertive but at times you need to be soft spoken depending upon the situation.

Q. Mock Call

A. Be very assertive and confident during the mock call.
Be patient and listen to the customer.
Probe the customer well and then give him an offer after understanding his pain areas.
Handle the objection of the customer by probing him again and provide a suitable rebuttal. Try to be creative while giving rebuttals because that impresses the interviewer.
Do not give up on the mock call.