BPO Interview Tips

Q. Have you worked in a sales process earlier?

A. Yes or No, depending on your work experience.

Q. If yes, what were your targets?

A. Always mention the exact targets in numbers and how much were you achieving. So for eg your target is 100 units and you mention you were achieving 90 it means you were not achieving your targets. Give the impression that you were doing 100 or more then 100.

Q. How comfortable were you achieving your targets?

A. I am a target oriented person and I used to achieve and sometimes over achieve my targets and take good incentives. Incentives is my biggest motivator and I don't rest until I bag the maximum incentives.

Q. Was it a scripted process?

A. Yes or No depending on the work experience.

Q. Give me one incident when you were not able to achieve your targets?

A. I always used to achieve my targets, initially it was challenging but I used to achieve it. Remember the interviewer is trying to check if there was a time you did not achieve your targets.

Q. Are you comfortable working under pressure?

A. Yes, certainly I am comfortable working under pressure, in fact pressure takes out the best from me.

Q. If given a choice of customer service or sales what would you prefer?

A. I would prefer sales, as it is more challenging. Remember through this question the interviewer is trying to double check if you are actually a sales guy. Do not fall in his trap by answering customer service.

Q. In a sales process, the agent needs to be soft spoke, assertive or aggressive?

A. He should be assertive while speaking to the customer.However his approach towards the targets should be aggressive.

Q. Mock Call

A. In a sales interview you get a mock call where the interviewer behaves like a fussy customer. Here you have to be confident and show creativity while selling. Do not give up despite the interviewer saying NO to buy the goods. Here you also have to show good listening skills and understand the pain point of the customer.