BPO Interview Tips

Q. What is the team size that you were handling?

A. Mention the exact number of reporting subordinates including indirect reportees.

Q. How would you handle a non-performer in your team?

A. I would train and mentor the non-performer and understand where is he lagging. Many times a person would non perform because of his emotional issues in his personal life. I would then counsel him or take help of a counsellor to help him.

Q. What was the attrition rate in your team?

A. Through this question the Interviewer tries to gauge your skills in keeping your subordinates happy in a pressurizing atmosphere. Lower attrition in your team denotes you are a good leader/manager.

Q. What is your teams CSAT and quality scores?

A. Mention the exact CSAT Scores and quality scores of your team. Many candidates are not able to provide a number for the same in the interview which gives a wrong impression to the interviewer.

Q. What were your SLA's?

A. SLA's are Service Level Agreements which a TL/Manager is supposed to follow along with his team. Always remember your SLA's because the interviewer is for sure going to ask you questions on SLA's.

Q. There is a performer in your team who throws attitude; How will you handle such a situation?

A. I would explain and consult the performer that the organization is bigger then any individual. Subsequently I will train other team members to come up-to his level so that he is no longer the only one performing.