BPO Interview Tips

Q. What made you apply for the Technical Trainer Position?

A. Since childhood I had the pursuit for technology and that led me take courses in technology (Mention your degrees in technology). I believe technology is driving businesses of today and its important everyone is trained on technology. This is the reason I want to apply for this position.

Q. What are the top skills required for Technical Trainers position?

A. He should have good technical skills, however at the same time he should be explain about technology in simple language even to the person who is not technically oriented. He should also have patience to answer Questions and any number of times.

Q. An employee fails the technical test despite your training. Who is to be blamed?

A. I never had a situation like that because I ensured I explained them technology in layman's language. However, if he does not clear technical training despite that I think I am equally to be blamed.

Q. What are the most recent skills you learnt while applying for the Technical Trainers position?

A. I learnt to be more patient as explaining technology to everyone is not an easy job. I also gained practical knowledge of use of technology in some areas where my knowledge was only theoretical.