BPO Interview Tips

Q. How to make resume?

A. Make it concise and clear with proper spacing between lines.

Use the KISSS Formula. Keep It Short Sweet and Simple.

Your educational qualification should be on the front page as it may be the first thing that an employer reads.

Your previous experience should mention your achievements and how it helped you shape your better career.

Write a MANTRA for your life for eg "I believe differentiation gives better success then hard-work." To support your mantra you can use corporate examples like "Samsung toppled Nokia from Number 1 position because of its differentiation in handsets and use of Android". You can have any mantra for your life and there is no rule book for this.

Mention what are your qualities that will help the employer.Do not mention answers like hard working, talented etc. Say something different which appeals the employer to shortlist your CV.

Try and mention the names of references of important people under whom you have worked which gives credibility to your candidature.

Mention one event in your professional career where you had to implement a unique idea where your subordinates, superiors were not too convinced and how you managed to implement it successfully which at the end helped the organization.