BPO Interview Tips

Q. What skills are required for trainer position?

A. Basic skills include technical, learning principles, business core competencies, information gathering and analysis, communication and presentation skills, coaching skills, adaptability,creativity and resilience.

Q. How do you identify employee training needs in the organization?

A. Identifying employee training need includes communicating with managers and supervisors, conducting surveys, talking to the employees and observing on the job performance. Apart from taking surveys and talking to employees, I see whether the training has added value to the organization and I also see to it that discussion are held between subordinates and superiors as to which areas the training can be given which would take the organizations productivity to the next level.

Q. How did you make sure the success of a training programme?

A. The effectiveness of a training programme can be analyzed in a long run through observation, talking to supervisors, customers, and colleagues and getting feedback from the employee. Immediately after the training if we want to analyze the effectiveness we can give the employees with some test that may include case studies etc.

Q. What are the various training methods that can be used and which according to you is the most effective in your experience?

A. There is no golden rule as to which training method is the best, a good trainer is someone who identify the right training method depending upon the situation and the types/level of the employees. Every situation will demand a new training method and trainers who follow the same kind of training method in every situation may eventually fail in the long run.

Q. What do you do in your spare time?

A. Inform them that you do attend seminars, subscribe and read to relevant publications, do research on the internet etc.