BPO Interview Tips

Q. Can you briefly describe your Work Force Management team?

A. Here you have to list the number of planners agents and main activities along with their locations. For eg. I manage a team of 7 workforce planners. We plan for large insurance claim operations which consists of 2000 claim handlers. These claim handlers are spread across 8 US locations, 1 in Mumbai and 1 in Manila while my central planning team is based in New York.

Q. What is your greatest Work Force Planning success story?

A. Here list down the achievements and awards that you may have got from your employer and how accurately you were able to predict the work force demand and also devise an effective strategy to accomplish it.

Q. What are the most important skills required for a Work Force Planner?

A. List down qualities like Perseverance, Self Belief, Communication, Business understanding, Managing relationships and confidence in working with numbers.

Q. How do you manage the friction between Work Force Planning and operations team?

A. Here you have to tell the interviewers that one cannot be a good Work Force planner until he understands the operations in details. My team makes it a point to spend time with the operations team on regular basis and we keep on having healthy discussions and debates between both the teams. List down some examples of how you managed friction between teams, if any which will demonstrate your maturity and leadership skills.